What does it mean to be a member of the Nebraska Admirals Association?

Fellowship: The opportunity to build relationships with fellow Nebraska Admirals across the state and even the world.

Sharing: Share the Nebraska "Good Life" with sailors of the USS NEBRASKA (SSBN 739) Trident Submarine and other visitors to the state of Nebraska.

Networking: Meet members of government and businesses from across Nebraska and the country.

Newly inducted admirals prepare to walk the plank

Scholarship Officer Dan LeDroit looks on as newly inducted admiralsTaylor Rath (UNK), Abbie Gabel (UNL) and Hanna Pinneo (UNL) "walk the Plank"

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Membership to the Nebraska Admirals Association is open to any person who holds a commission as a Nebraska Admiral.


The criteria for becoming a Nebraska Admiral, generally speaking, is service to the State of Nebraska and the appoinment to become an Admiral from a Governor of the State of Nebraska or their designee.

Nomination form to become an Nebraska Admiral

A link to the nomination form can be accessed by clicking here.